Erin, The Happy Camper @ 18 Let's go squad, bring your tents!

Hello, hello 🙂


How does camping on a rainy season sound to you? 🙂 I, myself, wasn’t convinced at first but maybe after you see this set, you might want to pack your tents and go – rain or shine! 🙂


Ain’t the usual 18th birthday, Erin and her family had this entire intimate party pulled off way too nice! Of just about 80 guests of a cool family and really close friends, this proves that it’s really not in the numbers to make a party so fuuuuun! 🙂 I, myself, can’t stop laughing while taking pictures! Hosts Benny (of Koncepts to Kreations) and Gab (sister of Erin) were soooo good and hilarious! :)) I say, #squadgoals on point!


Guests of all ages came prepared all garbed with cutie camping outfits! Inspired by the film Moonrise Kingdom, this party was really a happy, chill, awesome night to remember!


What are you waiting for? Bring out your guitars, snacks, survival kits, happy self, and let’s start the bonfire rolling! 🙂

Venue: 13 Ubay St. Comfort Dining | Cake: Honey Dough Pastry | HMUA: Cyrille Adalia | Coordination & Host: Koncepts to Kreations Styling & DIY: Gab Alvarez – Cuyco