Tokyo: Derick & Orlea A Japan engagement

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming” – Pablo Neruda. 

Pretty much like the love story of these two:

Orlea at first did not like Derick. But he kept on showing up, he kept on courting her for a year. (Yes, a year!!!) She could’ve cut Derick in many ways but look at where it took them now. I guess you just cannot keep love from coming =)

It may have rained during the day of our shoot but you cannot keep the sun from shining and their love from showing!

This is unforgettable because I only stayed in Japan for 2 days because who am I to say no to spring, to this opportunity, and most especially to this amazing/ no frills couple? 🙂 Loved our quick but really memorable Japan strolls!  Love you guys!!!! 

HMUA by my dearest friend Cyrille Adalia 🙂

Check out what a raining halfday shoot in Tokyo looks like! 🙂