My favorite author, Robin Sharma, once said,

To spend time with beauty is to enrich your relationship with beauty. And the more your sensibility around what magic looks like increases, the more you’ll be able to bring such magic into your work.

And that’s what I did! 

Welcome to our humble home!


“I'm extremely happy with how my photos came out. She is able to make the mundane beautiful, and realize your vision as a bride! But more than her aesthetic, it is her easy professionalism that sets her apart. A wedding is such an intimate occasion, that you need someone who can put you at ease, and whom you can let in. She is both. She is one to watch out for!”

Mark and Karen


"She is not just a photographer, she is a story teller and an artist at heart. She is a good listener. She took note of all the small details that we’ve talked about and she was very patient answering all my queries. During the event itself, she went above and beyond of what was expected of her. I saw how she took care and consider my family’s concerns. Her work was spectacular. She was able to capture the real emotions, despite the lack of time and lack of reception. "

Atom and Sheena


“Regina has a way of bringing emotions into her photos without sacrificing on her aesthetic. She makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera. She asks the right questions, the ones you can’t answer without smiling from within or without tearing up. I will forever be grateful with how she turned into an impromptu wedding planner when the time called for it. She is by far the best wedding supplier in my list. And I wont stop recommending her because she truly is a professional with an amazing gift.”

Vergs and Roxci


“Regina has such a special gift. Aside from being an incredible photographer, she has the ability to ease stress and bring joy to her subjects (always, always the case for us!). And this joy just radiates from her photos! Regina can capture everyone in such a natural, unposed way! I cannot thank her enough for the beautiful photos and for being so game, so relaxed, and always a pleasure to have! Above all, I thank God for allowing our paths to cross, for blessing us with such an amazing person we can call our friend in this lifetime. We love her as much as we love our work!”

Lorlynn and Jimson


“We had the best time with Regina and her team. Despite the pouring rain and other mishaps, we SUPER loved how our photos turned out. They are very flexible and worked well with other suppliers. She guided us every step of the way, she’s never in your face and would make sure you’re comfortable every time.”

Den and Rue


“I had no dress yet, no list of entourage, no invitations, I had no theme in mind, nothing. But I was 100% sure I wanted her to cover my wedding. After the wedding, my husband, our families and friends, have been raving about the gorgeous photos. I honestly can go on and on just to show how much we love her work. Her team is as bubbly and as passionate as her. She is a MUST-HAVE in every bride-to-be’s list of suppliers.”

Mel and Jared


“We told her during the meeting that we don’t know how to pose and assured us it is alright. On the day, she’d ask us how we feel and spontaneously take shots. They look lovely, heartfelt, and were the highlight of our dinner. I also love how she interacts with her team. She trusts them to take their creative shots and work freely. I couldnt stop being amazed by the way she captured our union. It’s definitely the right investment for our memories.”

Jed and Dianne


The giggles, the tears in hiding, the veil swept by the wind, the cheers, those happy eyes, the intimacy — made possible for we were trusted with the most beautiful love stories.