Who Run the Temples? Girls, girls! (Cambodia 2015)

Impromptu blogging this trip because in this tight sched of capturing weddings, I miss traveling and this Cambodia trip is undeniably one of the bests for me 🙂

Could have been my most cultured trip to date 🙂 You may not believe it but I prefer the nature and provincial air way more than the blinding city lights and towers. YAS!

Temples dropped my jaw in ways I never expected! The passion put into the intricacies of every minute details stirred my curiosity until now that almost a year has passed. Exploring the vast and the biggest religious complex in the world with these lovely girls was a breather and perfectly just everything I needed! No frills, genuinely straightforward.

Here?s to one day that?s never enough, with a lifetime of memories left.

Enjoy and book that ticket to Siem Reap like you’ve always wanted and don’t forget to take awesome girl friends with you! 🙂