Bali 2018 Team V girls

Trips could only end up with best memories when you spend it with the girls you love who all know how to pose and take photos, make fun, and are just game with everything!!! Aaaah <3

We’ve long time dreamed of going out, us girls of Team V, exclusively, and it’s long been set to be Bali. Because why not? I bet scrolling through photos, you’d realize why. It’s for the artsy, it’s for the fun ones, it’s for those who long to take pretty breaks in their works, it’s for those who always seek inspiration, and it’s for partyiiiinnnnggg!!! Haha. I swear, best party I’ve ever had! (1am na! okay, this is an inside joke only us girls will understand! haha)

Bali has got it all for us – nature, temples, shopping, PRETTY cafes and restos, party, artsy stuff, quaint villas, coffee, waves, and a fun roadtrip c/o our amazing Made Nata!!! (message me for recos) except that 2 of my friends experienced Bali belly (so yeah, some time on some days were not that all out lol! sa lagay na yan, hindi pa. :))))

But in the end, couldnt imagine it any other way!! 2 months have passed all of us still have a hang of it because it was really, really, really, really fun!!! I love you so much girls Nicolai, Ivy, Cam, Kaye, Nat, and Badooth!!! Where to next?! 🙂

Enjoy scrolling through hundreds of?#BALIYUNGPITO photos!!!