Autumn: Mike & Joanne SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA


“Where do you want to do our prenup?”, Joanne asks.

I honestly don’t know what did I do good to deserve being asked where I want to do their own engagement shoot! Two months after that meeting, we’re in the beautiful Korea!! 🙂

Joanne keeps reminding me days before the shoot that they are the most awkward persons to be together. IT IS JUST NOT THEIR THING TO HUG, TO BE SWEET because/despite being the best of friends for 15 years already! But I guess we made it, thank you for putting that enormous faith in me?:)

I love you guys! It was definitely fun being lost, being drenched in the rain, going through the corners of Nami Island, talking to drivers we dont understand at all?:)), and many more!!!


HMUA: Fritz Mortel