Tiago & Sabel A Team V Editorial

Our team has long dreamt of doing an editorial.

To break the usual grounds, we have decided to do an industrial-themed one. We’ve all gathered. Each one contributed to how the overall look would be.

But what you’ll see as you scroll down wouldn’t be possible if not for the talented bunch who passionately said yes to collaborate and share their expertise with us. Each one is amazingly blessed with their crafts and we truly cannot thank them just enough. (see beautiful names at the bottom of this post)


For now, let me not?keep you waiting. Here’s Tiago and Sabel, have loved a long time 🙂


Venue:?La Faite Home & Country Garden | Robe: Amelia in Lace | Gown: Hannah Kong | Suit: Paulo Lazaro |Reception and food styling:?Kay Isabedra?|Flowers and Ceremony styling: Florals by?Nina?| Invitation suite:?The Parchment Stories?| Calligraphy:?Natalie Lim